This website contains collected family history of my grandparents and their ancestors and descendants, compiled from many resources as well as my own research. I've created this site to help preserve this information for future generations and to allow family to be able to collaborate with each other and share their research online instead of duplicating each other's work.

The primary surnames on my dad's side are FUERST, FURST, and MAUL of Germany, OH, and FL. The major contributors of the Fuerst family history include my aunts Margaret (Fuerst) Williams and Louise (Fuerst) Denning. The primary surnames on my mom's side are HAINING, WHITAKER, and HAMEL of MS; BRADDOCK, DRURY, and MATTINGLY of MD, KY, and MS, and STORM of PA. The major contributors of the Haining family history include Joseph L. Haining, Judith Burger, Luke Scheer Jr., and other online collections. I've also included research on my wife's family, the primary surnames are DUTTON, PEARSON, POOLE, and THOMPSON of AL, MS, and MD. I've included data sources to the extent that I know them and am constantly working to validate the data and find new sources.

To navigate thru the family history you can click on either of the photos, click a surname from the surname cloud at the bottom of this page, or use the search and menu buttons at the top right. This website is an ongoing work in progress so be sure to check back periodically if you are interested.


Not all the information on these pages is authenticated as yet, although I am constantly working to validate and document data sources. If you find errors, have feedback, or can offer additional information, please forward it for inclusion in the project. You can contact me at bobf13@comcast.net, or click the "Suggest" icon on any individual person's page to suggest an edit or addition.


To protect the privacy of living individuals, some information including photographs, notes, and some names and dates are only available to registered users. You can register for a user account to get access to these details, if I don't know you, please indicate your interest or connection to the family.